POLYGRAPH SERVICES - Being a State Of Texas licensed polygraph examiner for over 30 years, allows me to do competent ethical and legal polygraph examinations to persons and organizations requiring polygraph examinations. My name is Jack St.John, and I am the owner and examiner of Jack St.John & Associates, www.killeenpolygraph.com. Call or text me at 254-681-7076 any time. I provide local polygraph testing at Ellis Group Counseling located at 880 Prospector Trail Suite #100 Harker Heights Texas 76548. I provide polygraph examinations for attorneys, organizations, government & private persons. Please click here to add me to your phone contacts. I have been in the polygraph industry assisting persons with varying reasons needing polygraph assistance since 1992.

I work by appointment only. I charge $45.00 (non-refundable) for an initial consultation. This fee will go towards the polygraph examination fee you would be charged if a polygraph examination is scheduled. Polygraph exam prices vary depending on the type of situation and report needed, and if travel or testimony is later needed. If a consultation is needed, please click here to make an appointment for this consultation at the time & date of your choosing. We provide polygraph testing, consultations and video services at various hours, so a return call will be made as soon as we get the notification to prevent scheduling conflicts. (If the polygraph exam needed is for a TBON situation, please advise us during the consultation as we try to cater to your scheduling needs due to the time restraints you are under.)


CONSULTATION - Understanding how and what a polygraph does is important in taking a polygraph exam. A consultation can be done over the phone or in person, well within an hour that could be very comforting to a person facing a polygraph exam. If you are concerned with a law enforcement exam we will not advise someone how to cheat on a polygraph test, but fully brief you of what to expect to relieve the tension somewhat that a polygraph exam creates.

DEPOSITIONS - Deposition video recording in office environments for attorneys utilizing multiple cameras, microphones, backgrounds etc. are available at request where we will travel to your office when needed.

LEGAL VIDEO - Video recording in office environments for professional persons, utilizing multiple cameras, microphones, backgrounds etc. are available at request where we will travel to your office when needed.

PERSONAL VIDEO - We will assist you in video recording events that you or your family may need in legal matters, or personal family matters. Living wills, personal asset inheritance decisions, real estate matters, live birthing events (hospital and/or home) are things that video recordings aid in passing assets on to children as individuals age, and just for family records. Other video recording events will be considered during a phone consultation.

TEXAS NOTARY - We will travel to your location and notarize your legal documents.